Timeline of the 2-Year Precinct Delegate Term

The general timeline for a 2-year precinct delegate term is laid out below.  There are slight variances depending on whether the term includes the Presidential Elections or Mid-Term Elections, and there may even be Special Elections for certain positions that are not included here.  Stay informed and adjust where needed. 

And don’t forget about the activities you can work on year round…attend County Executive Committee meetings, engage with the community, build awareness on legislative issues, recruit neighbors to your Precinct Team, vet candidates, lobby officials and stay in the know!

Convention and Caucus Details

Election Year
GOP PD Allotment submitted by County GOP Chair to County Clerk: April 1, 2022

After this date, you can find out how many precinct delegate slots are available in your precinct based on the last Election Results for either U.S. President or Secretary of State.  Fill each one with an America First patriot!

Filing Deadline for Statewide Positions: April 19, 2022

Are you running for public office or just curious who has filed?  Note this date.

Filing Deadline for Precinct Delegates: May 3, 2022

Complete your Affidavit of Identity, have it notarized, and file it with the County Clerk just prior to the filing deadline.  This reduces the chance that you will have a challenger for the position.

Spring County Convention (Presidential Election Years): May 2024

Elect Delegates to the Spring State Convention.

Spring State Convention (Presidential Election Years): June 2024

Elect National Committeman and Committeewoman to a 4-year term.  Elect 3 delegates to the Republican National Convention from each Congressional District.

Primary Election Campaigns

Campaign for your Precinct Delegate position, if necessary.  Provide neighbors with a list of who to vote for in the Primary Election at every level of government.

Primary Election: August 2, 2022

VOTE.  Bring a friend!

Post-Primary County Convention: August 2022

Elect Delegates to the Summer State Convention.

Summer State Convention: August 2022

Elect 16 Presidential Electors (Presidential Election Years).  Nominate Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General (Statewide Mid-Term Election Years).  Nominate 2 Michigan Supreme Court Justices, 2 positions on the State Board of Education and 2 positions on each of the 3 University Boards (WSU, UOM and MSU).

Republican National Convention (Presidential Election Years): August 2024

Nominate President and Vice President of the United States.

September – October
General Election Campaigns

Provide neighbors with a list of who to vote for in the General Election at every level of government, and don’t forget about the non-partisan or proposal portions of the ballot!  Plant signs, make phone calls, distribute literature and remind everyone to get out and vote!

General Election: November 8, 2022

VOTE.  Bring a friend!

Post-Election County Convention: November 2022

Elect members to serve on the County Executive Committee for the next 2 year term.  Within 30 days following this convention, the Executive Committee will meet to elect the county party officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Odd Year
Winter County Convention: January 2023

Elect Delegates to the Winter State Convention.

District Caucus: February 2023

Elect members to serve on the Congressional District Committee for the next 2 year term: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, 6 State Committee Members and 15 Additional Members.

Winter State Convention: February 2023

Elect party officers to the State Central Committee for the next 2 year term:  Chair / Co-Chair and 6 Vice Chairs