Saginaw County

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Population Estimate189,783
Local Units (#)30
Precinct Delegate Slots (#)907
Federal Congressional DistrictsMI-08
State Senatorial Districts26, 34, 35
State Representative Districts71, 93, 94, 97

How many precinct delegate slots are VACANT in Saginaw County?

667 of 907

GOP Precinct Delegates

First NameLast NameLocalePrecinctSlot
Joseph Steven Czeiszperger Albee Township 1 1
Marjorie Lynn Czeiszperger Albee Township 1 2
Keith McKay Albee Township 1 3
Vacant Albee Township 1 4
Vacant Albee Township 1 5
Vacant Albee Township 1 6
Vacant Albee Township 1 7
Vacant Albee Township 1 8
Vacant Albee Township 1 9
Vacant Albee Township 1 10

GOP County Executive Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameLocale
Chair Curt Tucker
Suzanne Hall Birch Run Township
Katherine Haney Birch Run Township
James Conger Saginaw Township
Dane Michael Couture Swan Creek Township
James Flint Taymouth Township
Lynne Norman Thomas Township
Kerry Shea King Thomas Township
Michael Paul Curtiss Thomas Township
Martha Avina Tittabawassee Township

County Government

4-year term (elected same year as U.S. Presidential election): County Clerk, Treasurer, Sheriff, Prosecutor, Register of Deeds, Public Works Commissioner
2-year term: District Commissioners
Commissioner District Map
TitleFirst NameLast NamePhoneSiteParty

State Representatives for County

2-year term.  Limited to 3 terms.
MI Rep DistrictFirst NameLast NamePhoneParty
71 Brian BeGole 517-373-0853 R
93 Graham Filler 517-373-1778 R
94 Amos O'Neal 517-373-0152 D
97 Matthew Bierlein 517-373-8962 R

State Senators for County

4-year term.  Limited to 2 terms.  State senators are elected in the same year as the Michigan Governor – even-numbered years, opposite of the U.S. Presidential election.
MI Senate DistrictFirst NameLast NamePhoneSiteParty
26 Kevin Daley 517-373-1777 Contact R
34 Roger Hauck 517-373-1760 Contact R
35 Kristen McDonald Rivet 517-373-1725 Contact D

US Representatives for County

2-year term.
DistrictFirst NameLast NamePhoneSiteParty
MI-08 Dan Kildee 202-225-3611 D

US Senators

6-year term.  One third of U.S. Senators are up for re-election every 2 years.
First NameLast NamePhoneSitePartyRe-Election Year
Gary Peters 313-226-6020 Contact D 2026
Debbie Stabenow 616-975-0052 Contact D 2024