Precinct Delegate: The Most Powerful Position in the World

Without precinct delegates, the major political parties in America would cease to exist.  As the building blocks of the party, they have the power to reshape every level of party leadership and promote candidates for every level of government.

70% of the precinct delegate positions in Michigan are vacant!  Do you want to replace “do-nothing” incumbents with America First patriots?  Do you want to see party accountability, government transparency and election integrity become the norm?  Be involved.  Become a precinct delegate.

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” – Plato

The Precinct Delegate Role
Republican precinct delegates represent the precinct they reside in for the GOP.  They are elected in August Primary Elections to serve a 2-year term, and there are no term limits.  What do they DO?
  • Attend, participate in and vote at County Conventions, where either new county GOP leadership is elected or delegates are elected to attend the State Conventions.  Are you unhappy with current leadership?  This is your chance to vote in new party officers or be elected yourself!  Find more information here regarding the Structure of the Michigan GOP.
  • Engage with family, friends and neighbors.  Be the community’s voice to the party, and vice versa.  Get involved in local events and build relationships.  Become the trusted political resource in your neighborhood.  Lobby elected officials on behalf of the precinct. 
  • Build Community Awareness on a variety of issues and promote candidates at every level (national, state, county and city/township) that embrace America First values.  
  • Use the position as an increased opportunity to Vet Candidates.  Research EVERYONE that will appear on the ballot, right down to the local school board.  Share the pros and cons of each candidate with the community.
  • Be a Campaign Volunteer and help with Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts.  The most solid, America First candidates are often out-funded and must rely on a strong Precinct Delegate network to promote them.  Voters are more likely to vote for someone based on the recommendation of someone they trust, rather than a mailbox full of campaign flyers!  A very motivated precinct delegate could even provide a list to voters of who to mark on the ballot before they head to the polls.
  • Join or Form a PD Team at each level (precinct, city/township, county, and state)!  We all have different talents and need to work together as a team to carry out the Precinct Strategy, fill vacancies, promote excellent candidates at every level and become a powerful force when the time comes for signature drives, poll watching, envelope stuffing, sign planting and more.  Recruit and train others to help out in whatever capacity they are able!
Now you understand the power of the Precinct Delegate position.  What are you waiting for?
Still have questions? Read answers to many of the Frequently Asked Questions we have received.

Convention and Caucus Details

Timeline of the 2-Year Precinct Delegate Term

Become a Precinct Delegate 1-2-3

Step 1: Find Your Precinct

Your Voter ID card will tell you what local unit and precinct you reside in.  You can also search the Secretary of State for this information.

Find your county on the state map and learn more about your county government and local GOP.  Learn whether the slots in your precinct are vacant or filled.

Step 2: Complete the Affidavit of Identity

Precinct delegates are elected every 2 years in August, during the primary election.  To have your name placed on the ballot, you must fill out a form, have it notarized and submit it to your county clerk by the filing deadline.

TIP:  Wait to file until one week prior to the filing deadline, as this reduces the chance that someone else in your precinct will campaign against you.

Filing Deadline for Next Election: May 3, 2022

Step 3: Research & Strategize

Research the elected officials, GOP executive committee members and precinct delegates in your county.  Strategize with other conservatives in your area to fill each government position, precinct delegate slot and GOP committee seat with those who embrace America First principles.

Your county may have a Precinct Strategy leader who has set up a private group specifically designed for this.  Contact Us to find out more.