Ottawa County

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Population Estimate267,896
Local Units (#)23
Precinct Delegate Slots (#)454
Federal Congressional Districts
MI-02, MI-03, MI-04
State Senatorial Districts30, 31, 33
State Representative Districts43, 85, 86, 88, 89

How many precinct delegate slots are VACANT in Ottawa County?

119 of 454

GOP Precinct Delegates

First NameLast NameLocalePrecinctSlot
Ronnie Allen Allendale Township 1 1
Kristin Doornbos Allendale Township 1 2
Peggy Doornbos Allendale Township 1 3
Linda Mango Allendale Township 1 4
Stephanie Netzel Allendale Township 1 5
Robert Netzel Jr. Allendale Township 1 6
Beth Roberts Allendale Township 1 7
Anne Vruggink Allendale Township 1 8
Damon Jordan Allendale Township 2 1
Lanae Monera Allendale Township 2 2

GOP County Executive Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameLocale
Chair Brendan Muir

County Government

4-year term (elected same year as U.S. Presidential election): County Clerk, Treasurer, Sheriff, Prosecutor, Drain Commissioner
2-year term: District Commissioners
District Commissioner Map
TitleFirst NameLast NamePhoneSiteParty
Water Commissioner Joe Bush 616-994-4529 Ottawa Water Commissioner R
Commissioner D1 Gretchen Cosby 616-980-7773 R
Commissioner D2 Lucy Ebel 616-250-4461 R
Commissioner D3 Doug Zylstra 616-443-4281 D
Commissioner D4 Jacob Bonnema 616-980-7349 R
Commissioner D5 Joe Moss 616-250-0249 R
Commissioner D6 Kyle Terpstra 616-840-0441 R
Commissioner D7 Rebekah Curran 616-250-4411 R
Commissioner D8 Sylvia Rhodea 616-250-2932 R
Commissioner D9 Roger Belknap 616-980-5066 R

State Representatives for County

2-year term.  Limited to 3 terms.
MI Rep DistrictFirst NameLast NamePhoneParty
43 Rachelle Smit 517-373-0615 R
85 Bradley Slagh 517-373-0830 R
86 Nancy DeBoer 517-373-0846 R
88 Greg VanWoerkom 517-373-3436 R
89 Luke Meerman 517-373-1830 R

State Senators for County

4-year term.  Limited to 2 terms.  State senators are elected in the same year as the Michigan Governor – even-numbered years, opposite of the U.S. Presidential election.
MI Senate DistrictFirst NameLast NamePhoneSiteParty
30 Mark Huizenga 517-373-0797 Contact R
31 Roger Victory 517-373-6920 Contact R

US Representatives for County

2-year term.
DistrictFirst NameLast NamePhoneSiteParty
MI-02 John Moolenaar 202-225-3561 R
MI-03 Hillary Scholten 202-225-3831 D
MI-04 Bill Huizenga 202-225-4401 R

US Senators

6-year term.  One third of U.S. Senators are up for re-election every 2 years.
First NameLast NamePhoneSitePartyRe-Election Year
Gary Peters 313-226-6020 Contact D 2026
Debbie Stabenow 616-975-0052 Contact D 2024