The Precinct Strategy

America is a nation of self-government.  As such, the very existence of our free republic requires involvement of We the People. 

We can voice our complaints on social media until we develop carpal tunnel, but that will not bring any real change.  We must get involved and use our voices where we can truly make a difference.

Become a precinct delegate.

A precinct delegate holds the most powerful position in the world.  Only precinct delegates, as the building blocks of a political party, have the power to reshape party leadership at the county, district, state and national levels.  Also, they have the power to promote candidates for public office at every level of government.

Fill every single Republican Precinct Delegate slot in the nation with conservatives who embrace America First values. 

Transform the Grand Old Party from the grassroots level up…Make It Grand Again!  Remove party leaders and government officials who have grown complacent or elevated personal goals above the interests of We the People.  Restore conservative values and government transparency.

The Opportunity

Over half of the 400,000 precinct delegate seats nationwide are empty.

Dan Schultz, resident of Arizona, has been attempting since 2009 to draw attention to the immense opportunity we have to take back our country, if we would just organize and participate.  He started the Neighborhood Precinct Strategy where he outlines the simple plan.  In February 2021, he joined Steve Bannon in the War Room and inspired the audience to work on the mission of the Precinct Project, as described above.

Find out more about the Precinct Delegate position in Michigan and how to become one here.