Michigan Government

Michigan House of RepresentativesCommittees
Representatives (#)110
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Michigan SenateCommittees
Senators (#)38
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U.S. Representatives (#)13
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State Executive Branch

4-year term.  Limited to 2 terms.  Elected in even-numbered years, opposite of the U.S. Presidential election.
TitleFirst NameLast NameParty

State Senators

4-year term.  Limited to 2 terms.  State senators are elected in the same year as the Michigan Governor – even-numbered years, opposite of the U.S. Presidential election.
MI Senate DistrictFirst NameLast NamePhoneSiteParty
31 Roger Victory 517-373-6920 Contact R
32 Jon Bumstead 517-373-1635 Contact R
33 Rick Outman 517-373-3760 Contact R
34 Roger Hauck 517-373-1760 Contact R
35 Kristen McDonald Rivet 517-373-1725 Contact D
36 Michele Hoitenga 517-373-7946 Contact R
37 John Damoose 517-373-2413 Contact R
38 Ed McBroom 517-373-7840 Contact R

State Representatives

2-year term.  Limited to 3 terms.
MI Rep DistrictFirst NameLast NamePhoneParty
31 Reggie Miller 517-373-0159 D
32 Jimmie Wilson 517-373-8931 D
33 Felicia Brabec 517-373-1792 D
34 Dale Zorn 517-373-8808 R
35 Andrew Fink 517-373-1794 R
36 Steve Carra 517-373-0832 R
37 Brad Paquette 517-373-1796 R
38 Joey Andrews 517-373-0827 D
39 Pauline Wendzel 517-373-1403 R
40 Christine Morse 517-373-1774 D

US Senators

6-year term.  One third of U.S. Senators are up for re-election every 2 years.

First NameLast NamePhonePartyRe-Election Year

US Representatives

2-year term.

DistrictFirst NameLast NamePhoneParty