Macomb County

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Population Estimate877,503
Local Units (#)24
Precinct Delegate Slots (#)868
Federal Congressional DistrictsMI-09, MI-10
State Senatorial Districts3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 24, 25
State Representative Districts11, 12, 13, 14, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 65, 66

How many precinct delegate slots are VACANT in Macomb County?

308 of 868

GOP Precinct Delegates

First NameLast NameLocalePrecinctSlot
Monica Job Armada Township 1 1
Gary Race Armada Township 1 2
Katherine Race Armada Township 1 3
Vacant Armada Township 1 4
Brenden Allen Armada Township 2 1
Stephanie Mittelstedt Armada Township 2 2
TIE Maljak Armada Township 2 3
Andrew Arendoski Bruce Township 1 1
Jacob Ruppert Bruce Township 1 2
Mike McClain Bruce Township 2 1

GOP County Executive Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameLocale
Chair Mark Forton

County Government

4-year term (elected same year as U.S. Presidential election): County Clerk, Treasurer, Sheriff, Prosecutor, Drain Commissioner
2-year term: District Commissioners
Commissioner District Map
TitleFirst NameLast NamePhoneSiteParty
Clerk Anthony Forlini 586-469-5120 Macomb Clerk R
Executive Mark Hackel 586-469-7001 Macomb Executive D
Prosecuting Attorney Peter Lucido 586-469-5350 Macomb Prosecuting Attorney R
Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller 586-469-5325 Macomb Public Works Commissioner R
Sheriff Anthony Wickersham 586-469-5151 Macomb Sheriff D
Treasurer Lawrence Rocca 586-469-5190 Macomb Treasurer R
Commissioner D1 Don Brown R
Commissioner D2 Phil Kraft 586-876-9543 R
Commissioner D3 Sylvia Grot R
Commissioner D4 Joe Sabatini R

State Representatives for County

2-year term.  Limited to 3 terms.
MI Rep DistrictFirst NameLast NamePhoneParty
65 Jaime Greene 517-373-1775 R
66 Josh Schriver 517-373-0839 R

State Senators for County

4-year term.  Limited to 2 terms.  State senators are elected in the same year as the Michigan Governor – even-numbered years, opposite of the U.S. Presidential election.
MI Senate DistrictFirst NameLast NamePhoneSiteParty
3 Stephanie Chang 517-373-7346 Contact D
9 Michael Webber 517-373-0994 Contact R
10 Paul Wojno 517-373-8360 Contact D
11 Veronica Klinefelt 517-373-7670 Contact D
12 Kevin Hertel 517-373-7315 Contact D
24 Ruth Johnson 517-373-1636 Contact R
25 Dan Lauwers 517-373-7708 Contact R

US Representatives for County

2-year term.
DistrictFirst NameLast NamePhoneSiteParty
MI-09 Lisa McClain 205-225-2106 R
MI-10 John James 202-225-4961 R

US Senators

6-year term.  One third of U.S. Senators are up for re-election every 2 years.
First NameLast NamePhoneSitePartyRe-Election Year
Gary Peters 313-226-6020 Contact D 2026
Debbie Stabenow 616-975-0052 Contact D 2024