Michigan Republican Party: Committees

There are three levels of committees described in the Michigan Republican Party Bylaws: State Central Committee, Congressional District Committees and County Executive Committees.

State Central Committee

The top-level committee in the Michigan Republican Party (MRP or MIGOP) is the State Central Committee.  Leaders elected or appointed to serve on this committee include:

    • Chair / Co-Chair (elected at Winter State Convention, odd year)
    • Vice Chairs (6) – Administrative, Coalitions, Ethnic, Grassroots, Outreach, Youth (elected at Winter State Convention, odd year)
    • Secretary (elected by committee)
    • Treasurer, General Counsel (nominated by Chair, confirmed by committee)
    • Finance Chair (serves at the pleasure of the Chair)
    • National Committeeman, National Committeewoman (elected at Spring State Convention, presidential election year)
    • President of Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan
    • Chair of a County Executive Committee (selected by County Chair Advisory Subcommittee)
    • Congressional District Members (7) – Chair and Six Members (elected at each Winter State Convention, odd year – no more than four of the same gender)
One individual from each congressional district serves on each of the following subcommittees: Policy, Issues, Budget, Coalitions, Election Integrity, Candidate Recruitment, Redistricting

2023 - 2024 State Central Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Chair Kristina Karamo Oakland
Co-Chair Malinda Pego Muskegon
Administrative Vice Chair Ali Hossein Wayne 12
Coalitions Vice Chair Hassan Nehme Wayne 12
Ethnic Vice Chair Bernadette Smith Kent
Grassroots Vice Chair Marian Sheridan Oakland
Outreach Vice Chair Rola Makki Wayne 12
Youth Vice Chair Rylee Linting Wayne 6
National Committeeman Rob Steele Washtenaw
National Committeewoman Kathy Berden Sanilac

Congressional District Committees

There is one committee for each congressional district in Michigan, each having its own bylaws and rules of procedure.  Leaders are elected at the Winter State Convention (odd year) to serve on these committees, including:

    • Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
    • Six (6) Members to serve on State Central Committee
    • Fifteen (15) Other Members

NEW! Interactive Federal Congressional District Map for Michigan – 13 districts 

OLD Federal Congressional District Map for Michigan – 14 districts


District 1 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Chair Sue Allor Cheboygan
Vice Chair LP Daire Rendon Missaukee
Vice Chair UP Melanie Greenfield Chippewa
Secretary Michelle McManus Leelanau
Treasurer Cherie Hogan Antrim
State Committee Vacant
State Committee Daire Rendon Missaukee
State Committee Monika Fiebing Benzie
State Committee Geyer Balog Montmorency
State Committee Dan Bonamie Crawford

District 2 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Chair Andrew Sebolt Oceana
Vice Chair Kathy Fleming Osceola
Secretary Sheila Tenwalde Gladwin
Treasurer Eric Rothoff Muskegon
State Committee Jon Rocha Barry
State Committee Randy Guppy Newaygo
State Committee Tim Ross Ionia
State Committee Bree Moeggenberg Isabella
State Committee Nikki Koons Manistee
State Committee Stephanie Rectenwal Montcalm

District 3 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Chair Chip Netzel Ottawa
Vice Chair Jennifer Hendricks Kent
Secretary Michelle HazeKamp Muskegon
Treasurer Lance Griffin Kent
State Committee John Schaut Kent
State Committee Bonnie Burke Kent
State Committee Shaun Lahring Muskegon
State Committee Zach Lahring Muskegon
State Committee Peggy Doornbos Ottawa
State Committee Dave Dunayczan Ottawa

District 4 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Chair Kendall Beyer Allegan
Vice Chair Sabrina Pritchett-Evans Kalamazoo
Secretary William Bennett Kalamazoo
Treasurer Cindy Amante Ottawa
State Committee Brian VanDussen Ottawa
State Committee Matthew Slottke Ottawa
State Committee Heath Wall Van Buren
State Committee Mary Whiteford Allegan
State Committee Kim Harris Kalamazoo
State Committee Sandra VanderLugt Kalamazoo

District 5 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Member Rebecca Pasko Monroe
Member Rachael Smith Monroe
Member Robert Weber Monroe
Member Michelle Avery Saint Joseph
Member George Hiller Saint Joseph

District 6 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Chair Hima Kolanagireddy Wayne
Vice Chair Gerald Hermann Washtenaw
Secretary Edward McCall Wayne
Treasurer Miriam Corvino Washtenaw
State Committee Daniel Lawless Oakland
State Committee William Gordon Washtenaw
State Committee Steve Cloutier Wayne
State Committee Michelle McQueer Washtenaw
State Committee Pauline Montie Wayne
State Committee Viviane Cuenca Wayne

District 7 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Chair Dan Wholihan Livingston
Vice Chair Ron Poth Ingham
Secretary Mari-Ann Henry Livingston
Treasurer N/A
State Committee Jessica Barefield Livingston
State Committee Nancy Bareham Clinton
State Committee Norm Shinkle Ingham
State Committee Mary Nordeck Shiawassee
State Committee Margaret Kurtzweil Oakland
State Committee Margo Aseltine Eaton

District 8 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Chair Anne DeLisle Genesee
Vice Chair Karen Burns Bay
Secretary Laura Norcutt Midland
Treasurer Teresa DeBeau Saginaw
State Committee Ian Shetron Genesee
State Committee Joey Storer Midland
State Committee Dane Couture Saginaw
State Committee Pat Mindykowski Bay
State Committee April Snyder Genesee
State Committee Andrea Paschall Saginaw

District 9 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Chair Deb Ross Oakland
Vice Chair Mike Grover Saint Clair
Secretary Darcy Guello Tuscola
Treasurer Barry Doherty Oakland
Sergeant At Arms Dan Bowe Oakland
State Committee Barry Doherty Oakland
State Committee Braden Giacobazzi Oakland
State Committee Phil O'Halloran Oakland
State Committee Julie Rudd Saint Clair
State Committee Sandra Guza Huron

District 10 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Chair Barb Zinner Macomb
Secretary Danielle Gilbert Macomb
Treasurer David Langer Macomb
State Committee Dawn Beattie Macomb
State Committee Darlene Doetzel Macomb
State Committee Lisa Mankiewicz Macomb
State Committee Sandy Wheeler Macomb
State Committee Fred Nienstedt Macomb
State Committee Grant Golasa Macomb
Member Carol Reed Macomb

District 11 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Chair WIlliam Rauwerdink Oakland
Vice Chair Debra Oestreich Oakland
Secretary J. Scott Saionz Oakland
Treasurer Robert S. Brines Oakland
State Committee Bill Lethemon Oakland
State Committee Dennis Marburger Oakland
State Committee Robert Oestreich Oakland
State Committee Ruth Sirochman Oakland
State Committee Mindi Tietz Oakland
State Committee Regina Wilk Oakland

District 12 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Chair Jessica Toth Wayne
Vice Chair Stephanie Butler Wayne
Secretary Peg Vaeth Wayne
Treasurer Theresa Bonecutter Wayne
State Committee Emily Bauman Wayne
State Committee Daniela Davis Wayne
State Committee Kristin Lee Wayne
State Committee Tim Brown Wayne
State Committee Harry Sawicki Wayne
State Committee Justin Toth Wayne

District 13 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Chair Cheryl Costantino Wayne
Vice Chair Lesley Thomas Wayne
Secretary Becky Fressel Wayne
Treasurer Suzanne Zavala Wayne
State Committee Julie Baumer Wayne
State Committee John Daniele Wayne
State Committee Ronald Kokinda Wayne
State Committee Toni Jennings Wayne
State Committee Cynthia Graham Wayne
State Committee Beverly Powers Wayne

County Executive Committees

There are as many as 82 County Executive Committees and 3 Congressional District Portion Committees (Wayne) in Michigan, each having its own bylaws and rules of procedure.  The committee selects party officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  Each committee consists of:


    • Statutory Members – all candidates for county offices and state legislative offices who were most recently nominated by the party in the August primary election

    • Elected Members – a number of persons equal to the number of Statutory Members, selected by Precinct Delegates at the November County Conventions (even year)

Choose your county on the Michigan map to learn more about precinct delegates, party leadership and elected officials locally!