Michigan Republican Party: Committees

There are three levels of committees described in the Michigan Republican Party Bylaws: State Central Committee, Congressional District Committees and County Executive Committees.

State Central Committee

The top-level committee in the Michigan Republican Party (MRP or MIGOP) is the State Central Committee.  Leaders elected or appointed to serve on this committee include:

    • Chair / Co-Chair (elected at Winter State Convention, odd year)
    • Vice Chairs (6) – Administrative, Coalitions, Ethnic, Grassroots, Outreach, Youth (elected at Winter State Convention, odd year)
    • Secretary (elected by committee)
    • Treasurer, General Counsel (nominated by Chair, confirmed by committee)
    • Finance Chair (serves at the pleasure of the Chair)
    • National Committeeman, National Committeewoman (elected at Spring State Convention, presidential election year)
    • President of Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan
    • Chair of a County Executive Committee (selected by County Chair Advisory Subcommittee)
    • Congressional District Members (7) – Chair and Six Members (elected at each Winter State Convention, odd year – no more than four of the same gender)
One individual from each congressional district serves on each of the following subcommittees: Policy, Issues, Budget, Coalitions, Election Integrity, Candidate Recruitment, Redistricting

2023 - 2024 State Central Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Secretary Angela Gillisse
Treasurer Marcus Cairns
Finance Chair Rich Pirrotta
General Counsel Dan Hartman
RWFM President Robyn Peake Van Buren
County Chair Rep Tim Walenga

Congressional District Committees

There is one committee for each congressional district in Michigan, each having its own bylaws and rules of procedure.  Leaders are elected at the Winter State Convention (odd year) to serve on these committees, including:

    • Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
    • Six (6) Members to serve on State Central Committee
    • Fifteen (15) Other Members

NEW! Interactive Federal Congressional District Map for Michigan – 13 districts 

OLD Federal Congressional District Map for Michigan – 14 districts


District 1 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
State Committee Angela Hall Dickinson
Member Dave Davis Benzie
Member Kimberly Morley Roscommon
Member Jessica Dobbs Alcona
Member Carrie Mullins Alcona
Member Bruce Rendon Lake
Member Larry Hull Cheboygan
Member Christian Marcus Antrim
Member Chris Holz Grand Traverse
Member John Studer Cheboygan

District 2 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Member Ryan Anderson Ottawa
Member Elise Bennett Isabella
Member Faye Graves Mecosta
Member Kevin Green Kent
Member Michelle Jorgensen Montcalm
Member Don Kreuze Kent
Member Arthur McClintic Gratiot
Member Rebecca Robinson Mason
Member Joan Runnels Lake
Member Jeanette Snyder Midland

District 3 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Member Cindy Alberta Kent
Member Heather Anderson Kent
Member Stefanie Boone Kent
Member Dan Essex Kent
Member Eric Fouch Kent
Member David Heyboer Kent
Member Josie Kornev Kent
Member Dennis Nagel Kent
Member Alexa Otte Kent
Member Terri Royce Kent

District 4 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Member Donna Mooney Ottawa
Member Shawn Dykstra Ottawa
Member Paul Studebaker Ottawa
Member Shari Utting Ottawa
Member Jeff King Ottawa
Member Veronica Pero Kalamazoo
Member Matt Nilson Van Buren
Member Steve Young Allegan
Member Mare Westin Allegan
Member Mike Vandenburg Allegan

District 5 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Member Jason Long Berrien
Member Sherry O'Donnell Berrien
Member Randy Hollister Branch
Member John Lindsey Branch
Member Greg Moore Calhoun
Member Allison Lindsey Hillsdale
Member Don Biddinger Jackson
Member Larry Mager Jackson
Member R.J. Bregenzer Kalamazoo
Member James Brisette Lenawee

District 6 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Member Tawn Beliger Washtenaw
Member Viviane Cuenca Wayne
Member Ross Barranco Oakland
Member Patricia Bowers Oakland
Member Steven Cloutier Wayne
Member Catherine Coburn Wayne
Member Dee Davey Washtenaw
Member John Dunlap Washtenaw
Member Lisa Gubaci-Root Washtenaw
Member Allan Montie Wayne

District 7 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Member Brooke Chapel Livingston
Member Larry Parsons Livingston
Member Kelli Uphaus Livingston
Member Maria Woolford Livingston
Member Mary Beth Potrykus Livingston
Member Brian Ignakski
Member Paula Clatriver
Member Steve Willis Clinton
Member Margo Aseltine Eaton
Member Bruce Barlond Eaton

District 8 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Member Cindy Adamowski Bay
Member Anne Weiler Bay
Member Meredith Davis Genesee
Member Amy Facchinello Genesee
Member Cyrus Farrehi Genesee
Member David Krueger Genesee
Member Dylan Pescarolo Genesee
Member David Robertson Genesee
Member Mike Senyko Genesee
Member Cathy Leikhim Midland

District 9 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
State Committee Lori Skibo Oakland
Member Nancy Laskowski Tuscola
Member Luke Deming Huron
Member Kellie Deming Huron
Member Danny Bartolotta Macomb
Member Valerie Allemon-Raimi Macomb
Member Lynn Grover Saint Clair
Member Leisa Murphy Saint Clair
Member Jim Wier Saint Clair
Member Melissa Pehlis Macomb

District 10 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Member Carol Reed Macomb
Member Jazmine Early Macomb
Member Karen Tucker Macomb
Member Roy Wilson Macomb
Member Daniel Accacia Macomb
Member Theresa Mungioli Oakland
Member Clifford Frost Macomb
Member Eddie Kabacinski Macomb
Member Chuck Jacobs Oakland
Member Fred Gibson Jr. Macomb

District 11 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Member WIlliam Lonsberry Oakland
Member Eugene Greenstein Oakland
Member Jeanette Wareham Oakland
Member Kayla Toma Oakland
Member Kim Jurcinic Oakland
Member Mike Steger Oakland
Member Pat Thomas Oakland
Member Steve Thomas Oakland
Member Tom Alderson Oakland
Member Samuel Harris Oakland

District 12 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Member Carol Allie Wayne
Member Chere Bernhard Wayne
Member Articia Bomer Wayne
Member Ty Bundy
Member Ann Clark Wayne
Member Jeff Gorman Wayne
Member Carmelita Green
Member Keana Hayden Wayne
Member Darlene Hennessy Wayne
Member Laurie McHugh Wayne

District 13 Committee

TitleFirst NameLast NameCounty
Member Martell Bivings Wayne
Member Michael Beaubien Wayne
Member Paula Campbell Wayne
Member James Copas Wayne
Member Richard Coyro Wayne
Member Deborah Dembeck Wayne
Member Darrell Finken Wayne
Member Susan Kokinda Wayne
Member Christian Kush Wayne
Member Kathryn Lyell Wayne

County Executive Committees

There are as many as 82 County Executive Committees and 3 Congressional District Portion Committees (Wayne) in Michigan, each having its own bylaws and rules of procedure.  The committee selects party officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  Each committee consists of:


    • Statutory Members – all candidates for county offices and state legislative offices who were most recently nominated by the party in the August primary election

    • Elected Members – a number of persons equal to the number of Statutory Members, selected by Precinct Delegates at the November County Conventions (even year)

Choose your county on the Michigan map to learn more about precinct delegates, party leadership and elected officials locally!